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Our Advantage

Cheapest Freight Shipping

Fidelity Freight offers you the cheapest truck shipping rates around because we are an experienced freight forwarder with over 10,000 private carriers under contract. Fidelity Freights negotiates contracts for truckers to carry a load on their return trip. We can negotiate extremely competitive rates and pass on significant savings to our customers.

There are other reasons that our clients save money. Other freight trucking companies route cargo through their trucking network. As a result any given shipment is going to be "cross docked" several times along the shipping route. Freight can be unloaded and loaded multiple times. By contrast, Fidelity Freight employs truckers that take cargo directly from origin to destination; no cross docking. This method enjoys significant advantages over other shipping methods:

  • Faster Transit: The shipment requires less transit time as there are no other stops or cargo transfers and delays as your load sits on someone’s dock waiting to be reloaded and shipped. You shipment is direct from origin to destination.
  • Reduced Chances of Damage: Because the cargo never leaves the truck until the destination, the chances for damage are minimal. Most freight damage occurs during loading/ unloading and handling. With only one truck line involved, there is more accountability and ownership.
  • Simpler Logistics: Tracking loads that get transferred across docks during transit is much more complicated as shipment and paperwork are handed off from one party to another. Direct shipments require no handoffs, pinpointing the exact location of your freight at any given time is easy.
  • Lower Packaging Costs: Most containers are design to protect damage that occurs during loading and unloading. By using one truck, the load can be strapped to the truck bed safely and securely. Since it stays on the truck until destination, there is no need for additional crating systems to protect the shipment.
  • High Value Freight: Direct freight is the only practical solution for shipping expensive freight.

The bottom line: With Fidelity Freight you get dependable shipping with fast transit times at the cheapest rates around. Click here to use our online freight quote form and get the cheapest shipping costs.